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Senior expert (Category I), Greenland (Nuuk)

Greenland (Nuuk)
Greenland Education Sector;
Study to assess the current overall educational and vocational guidance effort

In 2011, an evaluation of the overall guidance effort in the Greenland educational system was carried out by Carla Tønder Jessing from VIA University College in Aarhus. The evaluation assessed stakeholder institutions' involvement, the organization of the guidance effort, guidance tasks, and possible obstacles to effective implementation of the tasks.

 2011 Evaluation as the basis for the 2013 Legislative Act on Educational and Vocational Guidance

The evaluation presented recommendations on how to improve the overall guidance effort. The evaluation focused on three main areas in its examination of the overall guidance effort: a) the tasks of guidance, b) the education of tutors, and c) tutor network as basic settings for cooperation on guidance.

The present assignment should address only the recommendations in the `tasks of guidance´ policy area from the 2011 evaluation. These are the following:

  1. to revise the legal basis for guidance, encompassing the purpose of guidance, the tasks, its organization, its actors and its coordination;
  2. to evaluate whether to reorganize the distribution of tasks between the guidance centres, the schools and the institutions of education, and whether to combine or separate guidance activities from the delivery of courses;
  3. to establish a central system to register the transition of students from schools to work and/or to further education;
  4. to establish guidance parameters for young people between 16 and 18 years of age who are both unemployed and outside the educational system.

Global objective

Contribute to improve the overall guidance effort by describing and assessing the current guidance effort and its organisation, and examining the quality of the current guidance effort from the perspective of the participants in guidance activities. In addition, it should provide recommendations for improvements.

 Specific objective(s)

  • Examine the existing legislation and organisation of the guidance effort. Are there any overlaps? To what extent is the system oversee-able and working in a transparent way?
  • Examine the quantity/scope of the guidance effort. How many end-users/participants are engage in different forms of guidance activities?
  • Examine the quality of the guidance effort, including the perspective of the end-users/participants in guidance activities.
  • Identifying challenges, past and present, which may hinder the implementation of the legal act of guidance.
  • Providing recommendations for improvements.

 Starting period: March 2019.

The duration of the assignment is 115 days. (80 for the expert 35 for the junior expert)

Location(s) of the assignment:

  • The expert(s) will be based in Nuuk, Greenland, at the Ministry of Eduction during the fieldwork and home base during desk work.
  • Missions to Qaqortoq, Sisimiut, Aasiaat and Ilulissat will be required in order to conduct fieldwork


  • Master or higher in Education Science or Social Sciences.

Experience of expert

  • Senior education specialist (at least 12 years of relevant work experience in the field of education)
  • Preferred knowledge of the Greenlandic education system
  • Wide experience in the implementation of guidance at schools and at institutional levels in contexts similar to Greenland (i.e. a shortage of qualified teachers and guidance professionals, lack of skills at institutional level, scattered population and difficulties in communication/coordination)
  • Experiences with fieldwork and conducting interviews and collecting data

Language skills

  • Expert must be fluent in English and must at least have a very good working knowledge in Danish. Greenlandic an asset.
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