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Arabic Speaking Project Manager - Nutrition specialist, Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza Governments)

Short or long-term
Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza Governments)
Consultancy Service to Assess the Feasibility of an Edible Oil Fortification Program


The objective of this assignment is to: (i) design and conduct the feasibility study for edible oil fortification with vitamin A, D and E; and (ii) conduct stakeholder consultations/workshops to discuss and share proposed methodology and draft results.

Scope of Work for the full team project:

(1) Feasibility Study:


1.2) Industry assessment. Assess where raw materials (fortifiable oils) come from with what form (i.e. bulk commodity, prepacked), how much of fortifiable oils are imported by whom. Review current repacking process (if imported in bulk commodity) and identify process and facilities where fortification (adding premix) is feasible and available.

1.1) Fortification level. Calculate adequate fortification level of the vitamins for three different vehicles (i.e. corn oil, sunflower oil and olive oil) based on severity of vitamin A, D and E deficiencies and dietary intake level of the vehicles;

1.3) Consumer assessment. Review data from Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics on quantity and frequency of edible oil consumption at household level, including how frequently edible oil is purchased in what pack size and at what price. If data is not available or does not include all variables, design and conduct a small-scale survey (phone or internet-based with questionnaire) in selected localities/governorates to supplement the data.

1.4) Market assessment. Design and conduct a small-scale survey (phone or internet-based with questionnaire) for retail shops in selected localities/governorates on types of edible oils (e.g. brand, size and price).

1.5) Stakeholder mapping. Identify stakeholders and their roles for the potential edible oil fortification program. The mapping should answer: (i) who sets and monitors enforcement of policies and regulations; (2) who produces and distribute fortified edible oils; (3) who monitors quality of edible oils at production and retail levels; and (4) who raises awareness of fortified edible oils.

1.6) Monitoring assessment. Identify gaps and areas to be strengthened for internal andexternal quality control and assurance, based on an existing mechanism for the national flour fortification program.

1.7) Estimated cost. Identify costs associated with edible oil fortification (e.g. raw materials, production, capital investment, quality control and assurance).

(2) Stakeholder consultations/workshops:

2.1) Conduct stakeholder consultations and workshops with relevant stakeholders (the MOH, WFP, UNRWA, food industry union, premix and food suppliers, etc) to collect available resources and data (e.g. food production, consumption, price index, regulatory frameworks) and share draft assessment results.


Required skills and experience:

  • Ph.D in nutrition and food science, public health is preferred; Medical degree and/or Master's degrees in relevant fields is minimum;
  • Minimum of 10 years of food science research experience;
  • Previous experience in leading similar studies is required, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region;
  • A proficient command of Arabic and English; and
  • Strong team management skills with proven communication skills.
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