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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

Ginger SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

Governance, public management

Selected references
European Union
EC-Vietnam Strategic Dialogue Facility (2013-2016)
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the implementation of Vietnam's five-year Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP, 2011-2015) through the further development of EU-Vietnam cooperation in sectors of strategic importance.
European Union
Final evaluation of the Public Administration Reform Support Programme (PARAP) (2011-2012)
The overall objective of this study was to conduct an ex-post evaluation of the PARAP in order to draw lessons from the project's implementation and recommendations for the 10th EDF administration reform project.
European Union
Review of the implementation of the Project to Support the Justice Sector Programme (PAPSJ), 10th EDF (2011)
The overall objective of this assignment was to take stock of the implementation of the Project to Support the Justice Sector Programme (PAPSJ) funded under the 10th EDF.
European Union
Support for the Development of Public Internal Financial Control (II) (2010-2013)
Component 1 - Financial Management Control (FMC):
- Reform of the institutional and regulatory framework, training and action plan for the implementation of public internal financial control (PIFC) mechanisms
Component 2 - Internal Audit (IA):
- Development and updating of IA regulations and guidelines
- Establishment of a certification scheme for internal auditors: training programme and study tours.
Palestinian Territories
European Union
Preparation for the launching of an EU funded technical assistance programme in support of the Juvenile Justice Programme of the Palestinian Authority (2011)
The objective of this assignment was to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Programme, developing a project proposal and a finalised tender dossier.
European Union
Presidential and Legislative Elections - EU Election Expert Mission (EU EEM) (2011)
The purpose of this expert mission was to collect factual information concerning the election process, in line with the criteria contained in the Commission Communication on Electoral Assistance and Observation. The mission also aimed to produce a strategic analysis and reports on the ongoing electoral processes, and to provide inputs for electoral reform as well as confidence-enhancing approaches, during and after the elections.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
European Union
Technical assistance to the Steering Committee on Public Finance Reform (COREF) (2011-2013)
Capacity building of COREF to enable it to fulfil its mandate. Provision of support in: (i) the analysis, steering and coordination of public reforms; (ii) the organisation and management of an administrative body in charge of steering and coordinating economic and institutional reforms; and (iii) building up the skills of COREF management.
European Union
Final evaluation of the Support and Capacity Building Project for Non-State Actors (ARCANE) (2011)
Overall and final evaluation of the ARCANE project’s accomplishments based on the logical framework indicators, and integrating the project stakeholders’ comments, particularly those of the direct and indirect beneficiaries.
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