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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists


Selected references
European Union
Technical audit services for the Lusaka low voltage distribution network (2019-2023)
The Lusaka Transmission Distribution Rehabilitation Project intends to achieve the capacity reinforcement and expansion of the entire Lusaka HV-MV network (from 132kV down to 33kV and 11kV distribution lines) with associated bulk power substations and transformers.
The purpose of the technical audit services is to provide factual, regular reporting and advice to ensure the project has been implemented in accordance with the laid down contractual and technical specifications and requirements. Specifically, it aims to verify and control the organisational, technical, contractual and financial aspects of the project and the results achieved during its implementation.
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Audit of the performance contract and management contract of Société Béninoise d'Energie Electrique (SBEE) (2019-2024)
This project is part of a series of important economic and structural reforms with the Government’s Action Programme ‘Revealing Benin’, which prioritises the modernisation of the energy sector.
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Supervision of the construction works of a distribution project (2020-2022)
The works supervised by SOFRECO are part of the Distribution Project of the MCA-Benin Compact II financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Its purpose is to strengthen the distribution networks of Benin’s electricity utility, Société béninoise d'énergie électrique (SBEE). SOFRECO is in charge of lot B which includes design and construction to strengthen and rehabilitate the current electricity distribution network in Cotonou and Porto Novo (substations and power lines).
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Preparation of texts revising the legal and regulatory framework: electricity code, law on the regulator and their enforcement regulations (2020-2021)
The mission’s general objective is to contribute to the adoption of an attractive legal and regulatory framework with the introduction of an electricity code and of a new law on the regulator to build rules and practices more conducive to private investment in order to achieve universal access by 2025 and supply affordable electricity.
In particular, the mission involves defining, justifying and documenting amendments to the regulations to be integrated into the draft electricity code or other text to provide an investment-friendly framework in the energy sector covering the development of renewable energies, public-private partnerships, incentive optimisation, the optimisation of the model and acceleration of the rural electrification process, and finally, taking account of the downstream sector in the oil and gas industry.
Burkina Faso
Zagtouli photovoltaic plant, phase 2 (17 MWc) – Technical assistance and support with procurement (2019-2021)
The overall objective of the second phase of the project to build the Zagtouli 17 MWc photovoltaic solar plant is to help develop the generation of cost-effective renewable electricity in Burkina Faso. This project is taking place under an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) turnkey contract, and will bring the capacity of the Zagtouli plant to 50 MWc.
In the framework of this contract, SOFRECO is providing technical assistance and procurement support to the project promoter, SONABEL, Burkina Faso’s national electricity company, from the review of the studies through to the contractual arrangements with the Constructor.
French Development Agency
Project management assistance for the construction works of the Agadez solar hybrid power plant (2018-2022)
Owner's engineer for the construction works and initial operation of the Agadez solar hybrid power plant and related networks: design validation, procurement of EPC contractor, works supervision, and assistance during the initial operating period.
World Bank
Support for the development of Burundi's electricity network codes (2019)
The general objective of this mission is to establish the network codes related to connection, operation and internal electricity market criteria.
The specific objectives are to detail the techniques, minimum design, operating criteria and procedures of the facilities and power plants, to be followed by the operators to ensure the safe, stable operation of the interconnected electricity networks. This will enable Burundi to connect to the network new powerplants, trade higher electricity flows with neighbouring countries and integrate renewable energies.
The tasks include two workshops to present the results to the actors concerned, while also transferring skills to local actors.
European Union
Technical assistance for the Ministry of Energy as part of institutional support and strengthening the capacities of parties involved in the energy sector in Benin (RECASEB) (2017-2022)
The specific objective of the RECASEB programme is to improve the institutional framework of the energy sector in Benin at regulatory and organisational level and to support/encourage reforms. These reforms must make the sector more attractive for public and private investment, including new production units, particularly via renewable sources and the extension of the network for greater access to electricity services throughout the country, particularly in rural areas.
The components of the RECASEB programme are organised around three main pillars:
- capacity building of the energy sector;
- the development of management, supervisory and decision-making tools for the steering and implementation of the strategic thrusts;
- information and documentation to the parties of the sector and the general public (civil society, consumers, etc.).
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