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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

Chemicals, fertilisers

Selected references
African Development Bank
Feasibility study of a crushed limestone production project (2000-2001)
Feasibility study carried out in two phases: (1) estimate of mineral resources and market study, (2) feasibility study of a crushed travertine production unit.
European Union
Improving industrial energy efficiency (2003-2004)
Increase competitiveness in industry through energy efficient production by: 1) promoting energy management by way of energy auditing, reductions in energy consumption and energy efficiency; 2) developing and implementing a training programme for industrial managers; 3) further developing the training of energy auditors at the Energy Efficiency Centre; and 4) developing and implementing a system of voluntary certification for energy auditors (as subcontractor of Dansk Energi Management).
Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
European Union
Rapid-Response Expert Facility for developing energy supplies and interstate transportation in Central Asia (2006-2009)
Establishment of a Rapid-Response Expert Facility consisting of pre-approved experts that will provide support and assistance to beneficiaries in developing concrete and attractive oil and gas investment projects that will qualify for IFI financing.
Legal assistance for the drafting of a supply concession contract for the Alençon network with Gaz de France (2005)
Further to the opening of the gas market to competition, the urban community of Alençon requested legal and technical assistance in drafting and negotiating a public service concession agreement with Gaz de France, for the operation of the town’s gas network.
Asian Development Bank
Assistance in negotiations of gas trading agreement within the Regional Gas Transmission Improvement Project (2005)
The ADB is currently preparing financial assistance for the rehabilitation of 30% of a 79km gas transmission pipeline from the border of Tajikistan with Uzbekistan to Dushanbe. Until now, gas sale volumes and prices have been negotiated and agreed by the governments of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on an annual basis. To make the proposed project profitable, a long-term gas sale/purchase contract agreeable to both the governments of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan needs to be developed.
World Bank
Carbon finance development for flare reduction projects (2005-2006)
Enhancement of project developers' and national authorities’ access to the full range of technical, policy and greenhouse gas market information required to advance a project, and development of a solid policy framework enabling carbon crediting projects to move ahead.
Papua New Guinea
World Bank
Institutional and regulatory study of the oil and gas sectors. (2002-2003)
Development of the institutional arrangements necessary to the transformation of the Petroleum Division into a Statutory Agency of the Government, an organisation of excellence responsible for the management, regulation and monitoring of the petroleum industry in PNG.
European Union
Security of supply of gas to Armenia within the framework of the closure of the Medzamor nuclear power plant. (2002-2004)
Technical assistance in rehabilitating and modernising the gas transport infrastructure used for importing gas from the Russian Federation via Georgia and in reducing the risk of supply disruptions.
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