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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

Near East and North Africa

Selected references
European Union
Formulation of an institutional twinning project to support the establishment of a system to promote quality in the tourism sector (2013-2014)
The overall objective of this technical assistance mission is to support the tourism administration in identifying and implementing a project to promote quality in tourism sector products and services by setting up institutional twinnings. The mission is divided into three phases: diagnosis of the current situation and proposal of a system to promote quality in the tourism sector; in-depth analysis and definition of the outlines of the twinning project and; formulation of the twinning project.
Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for the Manaseer Chemical Complex in Aqaba, Jordan (2017-2021)
Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for the realization of a greenfield fertilizer complex to produce phosphate- and potash-based fertilizers such as sulfate of potash (SOP), phosphoric acid and specialty fertilizers to meet market demand in Jordan and surrounding areas of Europe and the Middle East. The complex will make use of and add value to locally available muiriate of potash (MOP) and phosphate rock.
European Union
Support to Federal Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF) Reforms (2012-2013)
The project's objective was to ensure that public expenditure of the federal government is better aligned with government strategies. The specific objective was to build the capacity of the Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance, and support the sustainability of MTBF & MTEF reforms by ensuring that federal government staff have the skills and knowledge to carry them through.
Saudi Arabia
Mineral resource estimation of the Umm Wu’al phosphate projects (2018-2019)
Update of the global resource estimate (JORC compliant) of the Umm Wu'al exploration license:
- QA/QC analysis.
- Statistical and geostatistical analysis of the drilling data.
- Geological modelling
- Resource estimate.
Lenders’ Engineer for the construction and monitoring of operations of the TIFERT phosphoric acid production plant (2008-2019)
Consultancy and engineering services to financing institutions for the supervision of the construction works of the TIFERT phosphoric acid production plant including a sulphuric acid production unit (capacity 1.1 Mt/year ) and electricity cogeneration (with a 24 MW turbo-alternator); a diluted phosphoric acid production unit (25% P205) with a capacity of 360 kt/year; a concentration unit with a capacity of 400 kt/year; a sea water desalination unit (500 m3/h)
European Union
Recruitment of the support unit and the short-term TA for the Prison System Reform Programme (2008-2014)
Support to the Ministry of Justice – Directorate General of the Prison and Reintegration Administration (DGAPR) – for the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of a EUR 17 million programme for the reform of the Algerian prison system. The programme’s objective is to modernise the prison system by improving the conditions of detention and modes of executing prison sentences and the social reintegration of prisoners with the support of other public and private actors, by optimising staff management and training, and consolidating the general security and management resources of the penitentiary establishments.
European Union
EU Election Expert Mission (2013-2014)
The purpose of the Expert Mission is to collect factual information concerning this electoral process, in line with the criteria contained in the Commission Communication on Electoral Assistance and Observation [COM(2000)191]. Moreover the experts will produce strategic analysis and reporting on the ongoing electoral processes and provide essential analysis for the possible EU EOM to be deployed for the parliamentary and/or presidential elections.
Saudi Arabia
Al Jalamid exploration programme (2019)
The project aims to upgrade the resources in the Al Jalamid exploration license area n°1 to measured resources compliant with the JORC Code.
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