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SOFRECO est une société à caractère fortement international de par ses clients, ses partenaires, la nationalité de ses experts, son personnel au siège, et sa présence dans de nombreux pays.

Nos clients

Nos clients sont de trois types : les gouvernements, les administrations et organismes publics ; les entreprises, publiques et privées ; les grands organismes d'aide au développement, multilatéraux et bilatéraux.

Nos équipes

SOFRECO emploie plusieurs centaines d'experts, seniors et juniors, de nationalités très variées, en très grande majorité des spécialistes techniques

Policy Support Facility - Lot 2 - Technical Assistance , multi International et contrats cadres

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multi International et contrats cadres

SOFRECO has been awarded the programme "Policy Support Facility for the implementation of EU Foreign Policy - PSF 2019 Worldwide, Lot 2 : Technical Assistance"

The objective of the Policy Support Facility (PSF 2019) is to assist the European Union External Actions Service (EEAS) as well as the various European Commission Directorate Generals and institutions to implement the external dimension of their political agenda by providing high-level short term technical input, i.e. up to 12 months.

SOFRECO is setting up a pool of professionals with in-depth experience (min 5 years of post-graduate working experience) in order to carry out analysis and studies, as well as providing opinion and advice, including legal ones, in a broad range of sub-sectors as well as cross- cutting themes relevant to EU Foreign Policy. Namely these sectors are :

  1. environment, natural resources, biodiversity and sustainable water management;
  2. raw materials;
  3. energy;
  4. climate change;
  5. smart, sustainable and green growth;
  6. research, development and innovation;
  7. industry and SMEs;
  8. regulatory cooperation and standards harmonisation;
  9. employment and social policy;
  10. education and training;
  11. judicial cooperation;
  12. migration and mobility;
  13. foreign policy/security;
  14. disinformation and societal resilience;
  15. health and consumer safety;
  16. digital;
  17. economic and financial affairs;
  18. transport;
  19. governance, human rights and democracy;
  20. maritime policy;
  21. culture and creativity;
  22. tourism;
  23. citizens' rights.

Interested candidates can directly submit their CV.

In case further information is required, please contact Mrs Deisy Baronio at +32 2 416 17 00.

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