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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

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We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

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SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

M&E & Research Specialist, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Improved Governance and Accountability in the Education Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DFID DRC has signed in 2013 a partnership with USAID DRC in order to support the education sector and improve donor co-ordination and harmonisation through delegated co-operation. Under this agreement DFID and USAID will provide funding of approximately $180m over the period 2015-2020 to support the education sector in DRC. They will share the lead role to implement the joint programme henceforth known as USAID/UKAID ACCELERE! (ACCE- for Accès = Access; LE-for Lecture = Reading; RE- for both Redevabilité and Rétention) and will work collaboratively in four areas:

Activity 1: Equitable Access to Education and Learning in the DRC (USAID lead)

Activity 2: Improved Governance and Accountability (DFID lead)

Activity 3: The Independent Evaluation (USAID lead)

Activity 4: Reducing the numbers of our of school children in DRC (DFID lead)

The programme is expected to contribute to improved educational outcomes for girls and boys in selected educational provinces of DRC.

This post is to work within the technical assistance team under Activity 2. This DFID Education Governance Project is expected to contribute to the achievement of the overall joint efforts of DFID/USAID. The expected outcome of the project is better quality of public service for education. The project aims to support the Government of DRC's efforts to improve governance and accountability in the education sector.

Reporting to the Technical coordinator, based in Kinshasa, and closely coordinating with the Technical Team Lead Advisers, the M&E & Research Specialist will deliver against their agreed work plans. The Specialist will commission and manage work across the geographical spread of the programme in the focal provinces, ensuring regular communications and shared vision. The Specialist will foster and nurture relations with key stakeholders relevant to their activities, in government, with international organisations and other donor-funded programmes, with media, and with other relevant actors such as community and civil society organisations. S/he will support the Team Leader in liaising with ACCELERE! Activity 3 - The Independent Evaluation component - and advise on areas of technical and stakeholder overlap. The M&E & Research Specialist will therefore be the key point of contact between ACCELERE! Activity 2 and Activity 3, liaising with IBTCI and MSI as appropriate, and ensuring that Activity 2 programme needs and vision is integrated into the overall ACCELERE! M&E framework and M&E processes.

The M&E & Research Specialist will quality assure all technical inputs under the Monitoring and Evaluation aspects of the programme. S/he will be responsible for overseeing and managing the inputs of the technical teams to ultimately deliver on the indicators of ACCELERE! Activity 2's logical framework.

The Specialist will also contribute to quarterly and annual programme reporting.

The M&E & Research Specialist will:

•Lead and oversee the delivery of the monitoring and evaluation of the programme;

•Oversee technical planning, guide monitoring of progress, and provide quality assurance of all deliverables under the monitoring and evaluation framework;

•Review work plans regularly, including for provinces, and provides internal training where necessary;

•Coordinate closely and regularly with the Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader and Result Area Lead Advisers, and with provincial team members under the M&E area, ensuring work plans are followed and deadlines are met, and that evidence of impact is regularly and well documented;

•Take part of ACCELERE!  research working group and report to technical coordinator on progress.

•Coordination with ACCELERE!  monitoring and evaluation focal points to ensure coordination and communication both on M&E and Research agendas.

•Support Technical Coordinator in monitoring ACCELERE!  Activity2 research work and agenda.

•Liaise with Lead Advisors to identify analytical needs and support technical coordinator in preparation, launching and monitoring of analysis.

•Support with recruitment needs for M&E;

•Report on ACCELERE! Activity 2's logical framework and theory of change progression, monitoring whether the programme meets its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and milestones;

•Prepare a M&E plan, in full harmony with the programme logical framework and overall ACCELERE! programme logical framework, liaising with IBTCI/MECC to strengthen programme M&E frameworks and systems;

•Oversee the compilation of evidence and the preparation of reports, whilst ensuring along with the Technical Coordinator that Lead Advisers provide the required information and that finalized documents are provided to the Team Leader;

•With the support of the operations and finance teams, ensure effective and advanced planning for missions, events, and technical activities to ensure their smooth logistical deliver. Also support with ensuring value for money (VFM) principles lie at the heart of all expenditure related to the implementation of the M&E & Research Specialist's responsible technical field. Provide information to the finance team to enable regular accounting and reporting to the Senior Management Team;

•Ensure that activities are implemented according to a well-defined set of programme protocols and tools which balance the need for timely achievement of objectives with the importance of quality processes and methodological rigor;

•Support the Team Leader in the broad agenda of coordinating across ACCELERE! components, particularly the Independent Evaluation component led by IBTCI and sub-contracted to MSI, continuously identifying technical opportunities for collaboration and sharing of expertise. Also ensure the same attention with regards communications to external stakeholders and partners, where ACCELERE! components overlap in their engagement.

•Support the overall delivery of the programme against a common vision and approach. Ensure the internal buy-in of key messages and communications protocols of ACCELERE! and widespread awareness externally of the programme purpose and results;

•Contribute to the weekly or bi-monthly monitoring report to DFID and support in the preparation of bi-monthly meetings with the donor;

•Contribute to timely and accurate reporting on progress as part of quarterly and annual reports, and contribute also to regular ACCELERE! meetings and events as required.

As the role develops and new demands arise, the M&E & Research Specialist should maintain communication flows with the Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader. This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.

  • Post graduate degree in international development studies, social sciences, economics, public administration or other relevant field or equivalent combination of education and experience required.
  • Minimum of five years of professional experience in M&E.
  • Technical knowledge and track record in working on large-scale and complex monitoring and evaluation of programmes, and of managing technical delivery in mainstreamed programme elements such as gender, equity, conflict, etc.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to foster and build networks, and maintain diplomatic relations with different stakeholders.
  • Strong computer skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook).
  • Ability to communicate and write well in both English and French is essential.
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver on time substantive work.
  • problem solving skills, a proactive approach, flexibility, initiative and creativity.
  • Strong understanding and experience of working to DFID's vision and goals in development.
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