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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

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Team Leader position, Human Resources for Health and medical education specialist, Turkmenistan (Ashgabat)

Turkmenistan (Ashgabat)
Preparing the Improving Nursing Quality and Capacity Project

Conseil Santé has been invited to prepare an tender for a one-year ADB-funded project focused on improving the quality of nursing training and developing a quality working environment in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

The aim would be to provide Project Preparatory Technical Assistance and to support the Project Implementation Unit throughout the elaboration of the recommendations and documents necessary for the overall improvement of the Turkmen nursing curriculum, and the construction of a medical college in Ashgabat.

That is why Conseil Santé is looking for an international expert to take the team leading position on this project. This expert would be a Human Resources for Health and Medical Education specialist. 

Duration of the assignment : 8 months.

Leading a large team of national and international experts, she/he will:

  • Update the Health sector assessment as prepared by ADB consultants, adding relevant analysis ;
  • Advise on all aspects of project design aimed at improving quality and capacity of nursing education
  • Define the elements required for the development of nursing education (study of academic training, development of textbooks and computer training modules curriculum development) ;
  • Assess the needs and capabilities of stakeholders and health workers ;
  • Review in detail the curriculum and training material related to nursing education ; 
  • Formulate a general development plan for the management and training of Human Resources for Health in Turkmenistan ;
  • Be in charge of the management of the team, the elaboration of key reports, and the quality monitoring of all deliverables

Working closely with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, she/he will assess the current medical education system as a whole, and provide technical recommendation of the improvement of nurse training. 



Required criteria: 

  • Relevant health academic degree 
  • Min. 8 years of experience related to reviewing and strenghtening health human resources in country contexts similar to Turkmenistan
  • Min. 10 years experience in medical education
  • Min. 10 years of involvment as Team Leader on large-scale projects
  • Regional experience
  • Experience working with ADB procedures and policies
  • Experience in Project Preparatory Technical Assistance
  • Written and oral expression in perfectly mastered English

Optional criteria:

  • Ability to communicate in Russian
  • Experience in Turkmenistan

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