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Ginger SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

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Ginger SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists


Selected references
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Design services, preparation of tender documents and supervision of works for the high voltage power transmission project (2021-2026)
The MCA - Senegal II Transmission Network Modernisation and Reinforcement Project (Transmission Project), for the benefit of SENELEC, will result in the construction of 16 km of 225 kV submarine cables, 31 km of 225 kV underground cables and 2 new 225 kV substations, as well as the installation of 5 new 80 MVA transformers.
Within the framework of this project, the Consultant is in charge of the following activities:
- Carrying out detailed designs and environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA);
- Preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) in accordance with the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF);
- Economic and financial analysis and assistance to MCA - Senegal II in defining the monitoring and evaluation framework;
- Preparation of tender documents (including environmental, social and health and safety clauses) for the construction works and implementation of the RAP;
- Assistance in the procurement and hiring of contractors;
- Construction supervision.
Technical assistance for the reinforcement of electricity distribution networks in 9 cities (PEEAE 2 project) (2022-2026)
The purpose of the PEEAE2 project is to restructure and extend the electricity distribution networks in 9 towns in Senegal: Saint Louis, Zinguinchor, Kaolack and Fatick, Thiès, Tivouane and Mbour, Touba and Diourbel. The extension and rehabilitation works, estimated at EUR 20 million, concern 214 km of MV lines and 165 km of LV lines, the creation and rehabilitation of 85 MV/LV substations, and the remote control of 74 MV/LV switching stations. The Owner’s engineer mission includes two phases: a review of existing studies/procurement and the supervision of the works/management of the company's contract. The services aim to ensure the smooth running of the works in accordance with the contractual specifications and in compliance with quality standards, deadlines and costs, as well as the efficient commissioning of the project. The engineer acts as the Client's representative.
French Development Agency
Feasibility study for a wind farm of nominal power between 100 and 200 MW in the Banten region, West Java, for PLN (2022-2026)
As part of the diversification of Indonesia's energy mix, PLN wishes to develop a wind farm with an installed capacity of around 200 MW in the Banten region on the island of Java. SOFRECO is carrying out the feasibility study for this wind farm under AFD financing and in consortium with the developer 3E, until the recruitment of the turnkey contractor. This study begins with the installation of measurement masts, then includes the selection of the most suitable power generation devices for the site, the design of the wind farm and its connection, as well as all the technical and financial studies necessary for the construction (topography, geotechnics, transport and stability of the network).
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Consulting Engineer for the ACCES project (detailed design, detailed ESIA, preparation and implementation of RAP, construction tender documents and the construction supervision option) (2022-2026)
Conduct of design studies, environmental and social assessments and supervision of the construction and rehabilitation of the MV and LV networks of the ACCES project.
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Technical assistance for planning and policy formulation (2023-2025)
As part of the reform of Senegal's electricity sector, this technical assistance project aims to advise and support the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) in steering, coordinating and implementing the activities programmed as part of the electricity sector reforms, through technical support and a capacity-strengthening programme.
World Bank
Owner’s Engineer for Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision of the transmission network (2022-2025)
The objective of the assignment is to provide technical and management support to the Dominica Geothermal Development Company Ltd. (DGDC) to ensure the successful delivery of the construction of the new transmission network at 69 kV and 33 kV connecting the planned 15 MW geothermal power plant to the existing grid. The success of the Project will be assessed by the delivery of this new infrastructure on schedule, within budget and according to technical, environmental and social standards.
The Owner’s Engineer is expected to (i) perform preliminary surveys and the corresponding scoping, cost estimate and engineering design work for transmission lines and substations; prepare the procurement plan, bidding documents for each procurement package, including technical specifications; (ii) support DGDC in the bidding process (iii) support DGDC for contract management and carry out construction supervision, and (iv) support DGDC during the guarantee period.
Asian Development Bank
Project Implementation Consultant for the Golovnaya 240 MW Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project, the rehabilitation of a 110 kV facility and the construction of a 110 kV substation and line (2015-2024)
This project provides technical assistance to the PMU operating within the major national energy utility, Barki Tojik (BT) for:
- the rehabilitation of the 240 MW Golovnaya HPP (6 Kaplan turbines) commissioned in 1964, 120 km south of Dushanbe on the Vakhsh cascade. This involves two separate turnkey contracts (rehabilitation of the powerhouse and of the plant’s 110 and 220 kV switchyards);
- the rehabilitation of a 110 kV facility and construction of the new 110 kV Rudaki substation in Vose district (Khatlon province) and of a new line (10 km) (turnkey contract) to overcome voltage drops and overloads resulting in frequent outages.
Both parts involve procurement activities, project and contract management services over the design and works phases, works supervision, staff training, and environmental and social safeguard monitoring.
European Union
Technical assistance for the Ministry of Energy as part of institutional support and strengthening the capacities of parties involved in the energy sector in Benin (RECASEB) (2017-2024)
The specific objective of the RECASEB programme is to improve the institutional framework of the energy sector in Benin at regulatory and organisational level and to support/encourage reforms. These reforms must make the sector more attractive for public and private investment, including new production units, particularly via renewable sources and the extension of the network for greater access to electricity services throughout the country, particularly in rural areas.
The components of the RECASEB programme are organised around three main pillars:
- Capacity building of the energy sector;
- The development of management, supervisory and decision-making tools for the steering and implementation of the strategic thrusts;
- Information and documentation to the parties of the sector and the general public (civil society, consumers, etc.).
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