Organisational technical assistance consultancy services for the project management support of the Plateau State Water Supply Project
French Development Agency
Support services to the Plateau State Water Board (PSWB) for the award of four assistance contracts (through drafting of the ToR, cost estimates, preparation of calls for tender, support with bid evaluation, etc.) for:
- institutional assistance,
- technical assistance,
- detailed engineering studies and supervision of the improvement of the distribution networks in Jos,
- independent financial audit.
Assistance with project monitoring.
Control of the performance of the contractor selected for the technical assistance.
Support for the procurement of project management software.
Assistance to the project implementation unit for the mapping of the network and GIS developments.
Capacity building.
Technical Assistance on the implementation of the Programme entitled “Agri-Connect: Supporting value chains for shared prosperity”
European Union
Management of the Programme entitled "Agri-Connect: Supporting value chains for shared prosperity", with the aim of contributing to inclusive economic growth, promoting private sector development and job creation in the agricultural sector and increasing food and nutrition security by promoting the productivity, commercialisation and competitiveness of the tea, coffee and horticulture sectors.
Consulting services for design, review of tender documents, project management and supervision for Masaka-Mbarara 400 kV transmission line and associated substations
French Development Agency
This project, jointly financed by the AFD and the KfW, aims at supporting the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd. (the Client) for the implementation of the Masaka-Mbarara 400 kV transmission line and associated substations.
It consists of two consecutive phases:
- Phase 1 involving the review, updating and additional study of the design documents, the preparation of the tender documents and support to the Client during the tendering process to select a contractor for the works (10 months).
- Phase 2 involving project management and construction supervision (18 months).
Design services, preparation of tender documents and supervision of works for the high voltage power transmission project
Millennium Challenge Corporation
The MCA - Senegal II Transmission Network Modernisation and Reinforcement Project (Transmission Project), for the benefit of SENELEC, will result in the construction of 16 km of 225 kV submarine cables, 31 km of 225 kV underground cables and 2 new 225 kV substations, as well as the installation of 5 new 80 MVA transformers.
Within the framework of this project, the Consultant is in charge of the following activities:
- Carrying out detailed designs and environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA);
- Preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) in accordance with the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF);
- Economic and financial analysis and assistance to MCA - Senegal II in defining the monitoring and evaluation framework;
- Preparation of tender documents (including environmental, social and health and safety clauses) for the construction works and implementation of the RAP;
- Assistance in the procurement and hiring of contractors;
- Construction supervision.
Burkina Faso
Cash transfers for food and nutrition security
Support on the implementation of cash transfers to pregnant and lactating women in Ioba Province (Burkina Faso) to improve food and nutritional security.
Nigeria Climate Change Response Programme (NCCRP)
European Union
The overall objective of the project is to support the development and implementation of the Nigerian Climate Change Response Programme (NCCRP) to guarantee the country’s economic growth and development strategies whilst meeting its conditional 45 % NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) targets by 2030.
The specific objective is to contribute to the creation of Nigeria’s GHG emission profile with the aim of pinpointing mitigation actions reducing energy use and costs in favour of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. This will be mainly achieved through the creation of sectoral MRVs (e.g. for the energy and waste sectors) and a waste baseline.

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