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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists


Selected references
European Union
Technical assistance to build up the capacities of the inter-branch organisation for rice in Mali (IFRIZ) (2019-2022)
Strengthening of the structuring, functioning and capacities of Mali’s inter-branch organisation for rice (IFRIZ) to enable it to fully carry out its missions.
European Union
Support for the formulation of two twinning fiches: ‘Support for the establishment of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)’ and ‘Further support for agriculture, rural development and food safety’ (2019)
The global objective of this assignment is to support the development of the policy, legal and institutional framework for the effective implementation of the EU-Republic of Moldova Association Agenda. The specific objectives are to: (i) support the Agency of Land Relations and Cadastre to formulate a draft twinning fiche on ‘Support for the establishment of an NSDI through the improvement of spatial data sharing and cooperation in accordance with EU standards’, and (ii) support the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment to formulate a draft twinning fiche on ‘Further support for agriculture rural development and food safety’. By providing technical assistance and sharing best international practices related to their individual fields of expertise, SOFRECO's experts will contribute to drafting each twinning fiche, which will help develop the Republic of Moldova's policies in line with EU policies.
European Union
Formulation of technical studies for the development of hydro-agricultural infrastructures and small hydraulic works (2019)
Preparation of technical studies (preliminary design, detailed preliminary study, bidding documents for works), and development of ToR for the technical assistance to monitor the works for hydro-agricultural infrastructures and small hydraulic works, evaluated at €14.2 million.
European Union
Identification and design of a programme to support job creation in the agriculture sector in Kenya (2018)
The purposes of this contract are as follows:
- to design an Action Document
- to ensure that the proposed programme design is aligned with the Government of Kenya's priorities, policies and programmes, and is complementary to other development partners' (in particular EU Member States') initiatives
- to assess the conditions under which EU aid will have a structural impact by transforming agriculture and creating meaningful job opportunities for youth and women in Kenya.
European Union
Support with the accreditation of the CTHT laboratory according to ISO/IEC standard 17025 (2018-2019)
Technical assistance to a laboratory specialised in agricultural products for export to bring it up to standard in terms of competence and the quality management of analyses and sampling: diagnosis and action plan, technical and organisational training, study trip to Reunion, mock audit and conclusions for the application for accreditation.
Burkina Faso
French Development Agency
Management of the Contract Farming and Ecological Transition Project (PACTE) (2019-2024)
Support to the PMU in the implementation of the PACTE project, and particularly the Contract Farming Fund: ‘institutional contract’ desk (strengthening cooperatives to supply institutional markets) and ‘private contract’ desk (promotion of contract farming between cooperatives and agribusinesses).
European Union
Technical assistance to the Institutional Strengthening for Agricultural Resilience Programme (RINDRA) (2019-2023)
Technical assistance to the Institutional Strengthening for Agricultural Resilience Programme (€40 M, 11th EDF), aiming to support the operationalisation of public and parapublic institutions. Institutional strengthening and training of various technical departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (agricultural training, animal health, phytosanitary protection) of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Forests and the Environment, and of the Agricultural Development Fund.
European Union
Support to build the capacities of the Planning and Statistics Unit of the Rural Development Sector and of other actors involved in the statistics system of Mali's agricultural sector (2018-2020)
This TA assignment is to assist the Planning and Statistics Unit of the Rural Development Sector and other actors involved in strengthening the agricultural statistics system by:
- Strengthening the organisation and coordination of Mali's agricultural statistics system;
- Strengthening of planning, programming and budgeting in the rural development sector;
- Strengthening of the monitoring and evaluation of public policies and of projects and programmes in the rural development sector;
- Strengthening of the production and timely dissemination of quality data to inform decision-making processing.
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