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Ginger SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

Ginger SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

Economics and statistics

Selected references
European Union
Technical Assistance to the Implementation of the Support Programme to Job Creation and Investment Climate in Botswana (2021-2024)
The project's overall objective is to support economic diversification and job creation in Botswana.

The project's specific objective is to provide technical assistance and policy advice to the Government of Botswana in order to:
• Improve Botswana’s business environment and investment climate.
• Upgrade Botswana’s tourism value chain in sustainable tourism patterns.
European Union
Support to the National Judicial and Legal Aid Service of the Department of Justice under the Programme for Legal Empowerment and Aid Delivery (PLEAD) (2020-2024)
The purpose of this contract is to support the Kenyan Department of Justice in the implementation of the newly adopted Legal Aid Act and to support the overall coordination of and collaboration between actors in the Programme for Legal Empowerment and Aid Delivery (PLEAD). The objective of the PLEAD, of which this contract is a part, is to develop an integrated approach at the central and local levels aimed at achieving equality for all before the law, through improved access to and the expeditious delivery of justice, particularly in high-risk counties in Kenya.
European Union
Technical assistance for the implementation of the Government Plan for Equality II (2021-2024)
The objective of this EU support programme is to help improve the conditions for promoting equality and fairness between women and men in Morocco through: (i) support for monitoring the implementation of PGE II, (ii) capacity building of the partner ministerial departments, (iii) the development of knowledge on the topic of promoting equality, (iv) contributing to communication on EU support in terms of promoting equality.
ACP countries
European Union
Urban Development Advisory Services (2020-2021)
This was an advisory service project on Urban Development (UD) in 5 ACP countries (Ghana, Jamaica, Niger, Rwanda and Senegal).
The project was divided into two phases: phase one, which delved into the real matter of the Urban Development the five ACP countries, and phase two, which introduced overall strategic recommendations on topics of integrated urban planning, housing, and secondary cities.
European Union
Mid-term evaluation of the Programme to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable urban and rural communities in Mauritania or the SAFIRE Programme (food security, training, insertion, resilience and employment) (2021)
This mid-term evaluation intended to analyse the results of the Programme since its inception, following the six DAC evaluation criteria and that of EU added value.
The SAFIRE Programme ( food security, training, insertion, resilience and employment) is divided into three components, respectively (i) Community and institutional resilience for the economic and social insertion of young people and women in Nouakchott, Hodh El Chargui and Hodh El Gharbi, (ii) a socio-professional integration programme for the employment of young people and women in Nouakchott, Gorgol and Guidimakha, and (iii) a support project for the economic and social inclusion and employment stability of young people in Mauritania, in Nouakchott, Brakna, Trazra and Gorgol.
Each of the three components was supported by a consortium (lead organisations: OXFAM, French Red Cross and GRET). In total, 14 NGOs were involved in the implementation of the activities, coordinated by an inter-consortium team of three persons.
African Development Bank
Public revenue mobilisation support project, study on tax and customs incentives (2021-2023)
The objective of the mission was to carry out an in-depth and comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of tax incentives to gain better control of the tax base. It was designed to: (i) carry out a diagnosis of the tax incentive systems in force, (ii) assess their economic impacts and their effectiveness (quantitative analysis of the direct and indirect
effects initially expected), and (iii) propose solutions for rationalising the existing tax systems with a view to achieving a ratio of own revenues to GDP of at least 18% by 2025.
European Union
Competitiveness Support Facility for Cameroon (DACC) (2020-2023)
The Competitiveness Support System in Cameroon (DACC) aims to strengthen Cameroon's economy and jobs creation by improving the competitiveness of the private sector and the capacity of enterprises to integrate into regional and international value chains, and take advantage of new trade agreements such as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
The support is demand driven and is being implemented directly by a long term TA/PMU team and by short term technical experts, mainly through institutional capacity building of Intermediary Organisations representing the private sector.
European Union
Support to the Public Administration Reform in Georgia (PAR) (2019-2023)
The overall objective of the programme, which includes this contract, is to improve the efficiency, accessibility, accountability and transparency of the Georgian Public Administration in accordance with European principles of Public Administration and best practices.
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