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SOFRECO is a highly international company in terms of its clients, its partners, the nationalities of its experts, its headquarters staff and its presence in numerous countries.

Our clients

We have three types of clients: governments, administrations and public bodies; public and private companies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies.

Our teams

SOFRECO employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists

Eastern and Southern Africa

Selected references
Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan of the Ruzizi III HEPP Project (2020)
SOFRECO is conducting an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for a newly identified project site for the Ruzizi III 147 MW hydropower project, the third hydroelectric development on the Ruzizi River involving Rwanda, DR Congo and Burundi. The team of experts will assess and predict potential adverse social and environmental impacts of the project, and develop suitable mitigation measures in consultation with stakeholders, in particular with Persons Affected by the Project (PAPs).
French Development Agency
Pre-feasibility study for the development of the science and engineering complex of the University of Nairobi (2019-2020)
This pre-feasibility study aims to support the University of Nairobi to develop its science and engineering complex. It must formulate its future directions, which will be fine-tuned by a feasibility study. At this stage, the study includes a general diagnosis of the demand for competences on the labour market and of those existing, and a forecast of future competences in specific fields. It also includes a roadmap for the establishment of the complex, covering infrastructures, equipment, human resources and the training to be delivered.
French Development Agency
Technical assistance to IORA for the implementation and coordination of its action plan on the blue economy, fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment (Part 2) (2020-2023)
The IORA Secretariat has identified the following six priority pillars in the blue economy as recommended by the Council of Ministers’ Meeting and approved by the Secretariat in consultation with the Member States: 1) Fisheries and aquaculture; 2) Renewable ocean energy; 3) Seaports and shipping; 4) Offshore hydrocarbons and seabed minerals; 5) Marine biotechnology, research and development and 6) Tourism.
This project aims to build the capacities of IORA and of its Member States to achieve the specific objectives of the Blue Economy Action Plan with a strong focus on fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment.
European Union
Technical Assistance Services to the PROMOVE Transporte Programme (2020-2025)
The PROMOVE Programme is part of the EU’s overall approach to rural development under the 11th EDF. The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to sustainable, equitable, inclusive and broad-based economic growth and to poverty reduction in the context of national food and nutrition security (FNS) and climate change through improved, equitable access to food, and equitable access to public goods and services in the rural areas of the Provinces of Nampula and Zambézia. The technical assistance services for the PROMOVE Transporte Programme aim to provide assistance to the National Authorising Officer (NAO), the National Road Administration (ANE) and the Road Fund at the central and provincial levels and to the European Union Delegation in Mozambique with their oversight of these projects.
French Development Agency
Consulting services for design, review of tender documents, project management and supervision for Masaka-Mbarara 400 kV transmission line and associated substations (2020-2024)
This project, jointly financed by the AFD and the KfW, aims at supporting the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd. (the Client) for the implementation of the Masaka-Mbarara 400 kV transmission line and associated substations.
It consists of two consecutive phases:
- Phase 1 involving the review, updating and additional study of the design documents, the preparation of the tender documents and support to the Client during the tendering process to select a contractor for the works (10 months).
- Phase 2 involving project management and construction supervision (18 months).
French Development Agency
Feasibility study for the development of a 1,000 MW wind farm near Marsabit in Kenya (2020)
As part of its renewable energy expansion strategy, KenGen has identified a site with a 1,000 MW wind power potential to develop a new wind farm. The objective of the assignment is to assess the feasibility of wind power development at the proposed site, estimate the optimal capacity to be developed without requiring major grid reinforcement, and then prepare conceptual designs and conduct a preliminary environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)/scoping study on the site, including a rapid bird and bat assessment. The study also involves the preparation of the project implementation plan, the procurement procedure and the operation strategies.
World Bank
Drafting of an action plan for the sustainable management of fishery resources, including the preparation of an income-generating activity in seven fishing areas involving 28 villages at the national level (2020-2021)
As part of the framework of the First South-West Indian Ocean region Fisheries Governance and economic development programme, SOFRECO is implementing this very important participative study with fishery communities and in close collaboration with Governments officials. It includes: (i) a socio-economic evaluation (ii) implementation of a Quick Participatory Diagnostic in each of the priority and non-priority areas in order to identify the persons impacted by fishing restrictions and to determinate income-generating activities suitable for each community, and the type of persons impacted with special focus on gender issues (iii) the development of priority projects with communities and elaboration of business plans and manuals for implementation (iv) recommendations for investment and development of partnerships with public and/or private investors, and (v) technical assistance and training during the project’s implementation.
French Development Agency
Feasibility study on the modernisation of the training system for the tourism, hotel and catering professions (2018-2019)
The authorities of Madagascar requested funding from the AFD to strengthen the initial training offer in the tourism, hotel and catering sector, particularly through the networking of training centres, modernisation of their economic model and operationalisation of apprenticeship- and alternance-based training. The main objective of this study is to examine the technical and financial feasibility of such financing from the AFD through:
- an inventory of existing training establishments in the tourism, hotel and catering sector;
- an in-depth diagnosis of a selection of training establishments in the tourism, hotel and catering sector;
- the development of an overall support plan for the five establishments chosen;
- the ultimate feasibility of the project and its dimensions.
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